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Translated by Sophie into French
Thanks Sophie

Translated by Marion into English and German

Thank you Marion.

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This lesson was written by myself
Any resemblance with an existing lesson is a coincidence
This tutorial was made with PSP 9 but can be done with other versions of Psp.

Thanks to the tubsters for the beautiful material.

Without them, this lesson would not be possible.

Respect their work, don't change anything about the tubes and don't say they are your tubes

The copyright belongs to the original artist.
Leave credit with the creator.

Tube van: LB, Crealine, Masker Moni C Design, brush  shared in groups

AAA Frames/ Foto frames & texture frames, Graphics plus / Cross Schadow, Mehdi Wavy Lab1.1


Let's start the lesson

Take me with you, I'll show you where you left off.

Save your work regularly !

Open the tubes in a map of your choice or in the program PSP !.

To be on the safe side, duplicate your tubes and image in your Psp :
- Window / Duplicate
- Close the originals and work with the copies

1.  Open the color palette

Material Properties:

Color 1 (FG-Color #282a37 ) Color 2 ( BG-Color #f9dbc7 )

Color 3 #ffffff (white), Color 4 #f4f5c3 , Color 5 #9d2a17

2. File-Open a New Transparent Image in this size :  900 X 600 Pixels

3. Foreground color to color 1 - Backgroundcolor to color 2

4. Replace your foreground color with a foreground/background linear gradient configured like this
Angle 0 , Repeats 0 -Invert checked

5. Flood Fill Tool – Fill the layer with the gradient

6. Layers- New Raster Layer

7. Effects-Plugins- Mehdi Wavy Lab1.1 - Radial, Freq 1 use the settings below

8. Open the Mask: Mask026-Mony C Designs and minimize.

9. Activate your work

10. Layers- New Mask Layer-From Image and select Mask

Mask026-Mony C Designs


11. Layers- Merge -Merge Group

12. Effects-Edge Effects- Enhance

13. Adjust-Sharpness-Sharpen More

14. Effects-3D-Effects- Drop Shadow with these settings: 1, 1, 100, 1 Color 1

15.  Activate your Magic Wand – Tolerance at 0 and Feather at 0

click in the center with your magic wand

16. Activate Raster 1 in the layer palette

17. Selections- Promote Selection to Layer

18. Selections remains activated !

19. Effects- Image Effects- Seamless Tiling using the default settings

20. Selections- Deselect All

21. Layers-Properties-Set the Blend Mode to " Color Legacy"

22. Open the Background image: les 201_achtergrond.

23. Edit- Copy

24. Activate your work

25. Edit-Paste as new layer

26. Open  the tube: woman_284_bycrealine

27. Edit- Copy

28. Activate your work

29. Edit-Paste as new layer

30. Image Resize  1 x 75% and 1 x 80%

Resize all layers not checked

31. Pick Tool: (K) on your keyboard -Enter these parameters on the Toolbar

Position X 157---Position Y 35

32. Effects-3D-Effects- Drop Shadow with these settings: 1, 1, 50, 30 Color 1

33. Open  the tube :les201_deco1

34. Edit- Copy

35. Activate your work

36. Edit-Paste as new layer

37. Pick Tool: (K) on your keyboard -Enter these parameters on the Toolbar

Position X 592--- Position Y 83

38. Open 3207 - Still Life - LB TUBES

39. Edit- Copy

40. Activate your work

To replace the top of the layer palette

41. Edit-Paste as new layer

42. Image Resize  75%

43. Edit-Repeats- Image Resize

44. Adjust-Sharpness-Sharpen More

Pick Tool: (K) on your keyboard -Enter these parameters on the Toolbar

 Position X 426 --- Position Y 283

45. Layers- Duplicate

46. Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-Radius 40 %

47. Layers- Arrange- Move Down

48. Image - Add Borders-Symmetric checked: 1 Px- Color2

49. Image - Add Borders-Symmetric checked: 8 Px- Color1

50. Image - Add Borders-Symmetric checked: 1 Px- Color2

51. Edit- Copy.

52. Selections- Select All

53. Image - Add Borders-Symmetric checked: 50 Px- Color1

54. Selections- Invert

55. Edit-Paste into Selection

56. Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur-Radius 40%

57. Effects-Plugins- Grapics plus/ Cross Shadow - std instel.

58. Effects-Plugins- AAA Frames/ Foto Frame… Width 40, Matte 1

59. Effects-Plugins- AAA Frames/ Texture frame… Width 35

60. Effects-Plugins- AAA Frames/ Foto Frame … Width 15, Matte 1

61. Selections- Deselect All

62.  Image Resize 900 Px width
Resize all layers checked

63.  Place your watermark or name on a new layer

64. Layers- Merge- Merge All ( flatten) 

65. Save as JPG

I hope you enjoyed this lesson

Am curious about your work.
Send it to me in original size.
I'll post it with the other examples.

Please do include your name and the lesson number and title.

To see your achievements  HERE

Good luck !
Thank you for creating the lesson

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